As an organization, Camis is dedicated to working with communities, employees, clients, and the public to prioritize sustainability and inclusivity in all forms. The United Nations defines corporate social responsibility (CSR) as management practices that incorporate social and environmental initiatives into business operations in an effort to connect and cater to the needs of stakeholders. Camis's CSR initiatives can be broken down into four categories of responsibility: philanthropic, economic, ethical, and environmental.

Philanthropic Responsibility

Philanthropy is rooted in Camis's operational practices. The organization participates in initiatives that impact Camis employees, clients, and local communities. Over the past several years, Camis has donated $10,000 each year to Amici Kids Camp to help give kids the opportunity to experience what summer camp has to offer. On an annual basis, employees participate in a tree planting initiative to support the Guelph Rotary Club and take part in blood drives. This past year, Camis matched donations to support Ukraine through the Government of Canada. With an awareness of e-waste on the rise, Camis has been donating any used hardware to staff, local schools, and libraries in need. Philanthropy is deeply rooted in Camis values and internal culture and will continue to grow with the business.

Economic Responsibility

Camis has an economic responsibility to employees. All employees receive unlimited sick days whether they are full-time, seasonal, or hourly. Camis aims to alleviate the stress of being sick at work and give space for employees to do their best work in their best state. Camis employees also receive paid time off to vote, which gives them the opportunity to fully exercise their rights without any financial repercussions. 

Ethical Responsibility

Another section of CSR, ethical responsibility, focuses on ethical employment and service practices. Camis partnered with Specialisterne to build neurodiverse teams through inclusive hiring processes including purchasing technology to support employees with disabilities and ensuring all call center facilities are wheelchair accessible. A safe workspace is of the utmost importance, which is why all employees are required to be vaccinated in order to work in the office and also receive paid time off to get vaccinated. And finally, small details are implemented throughout the office to promote inclusivity including free feminine hygiene products being available to employees and all coffee being fair-trade. Each of these initiatives is implemented with feedback and collaboration with relevant stakeholders and continuous feedback and improvement cycles.

Environmental Responsibility

Camis receives consistent updates on the status of its clients' outdoor spaces. Camis's clients and customers rely on environmental stability and sustainability to connect with nature and enjoy what parks, conservation areas, marinas, and harbors have to offer. Camis places an emphasis on reducing their carbon footprint and leaving their environment better than they found it. Camis's employee-run sustainability committee has implemented important initiatives for stakeholders, including an in-office organic waste recycling program to prevent food waste. Additionally, all Camis offices have been retrofitted with LED lighting, which reduces the office's carbon footprint. 

As Camis grows, the internal teams will continue to broaden the scope and reach of their CSR practices while continuing to implement social and environmental responsibility strategies in business decision-making.