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    BC Parks: Client Spotlight

    Camis and BC Parks have worked closely together to ensure a seamless booking experience for campers to experience over 142 parks and 235 campgrounds that BC Parks has to offer.


New CEO Kim Mackie with Camis sign

Camis Inc. Announces Kim Mackie as Chief Executive Officer

Camis Inc., a leading provider of reservation and facilities management solutions for government-operated parks and campgrounds across Canada and the United States, announced today that it has appointed Kim Mackie as its Chief Executive Officer.

A graph representing growth from 2022 to 2023

Camis’s Growth Over the Past Year

Camis is carrying the momentum forward from an exciting 2022. Last year, Camis saw a transition in ownership, new leadership additions, innovative solutions, and key client growth. Let’s take a closer look at each division.

Lookout at Isabella County

Camis Announces New Contract with Isabella County

Camis is pleased to share a new partnership with Isabella County. Upon seeing the successful partnership between Camis and Michigan State Parks, Isabella County decided to modernize its campground reservation software with Camis.

Ethernet connections

Getting Hardware in Peak Performance for Peak Season

Have you ever experienced a time when booting your computer seemed to take forever compared to the seconds it used to, and every app worked flawlessly? Unfortunately, your system can eventually slow down over time, causing errors to occur

training on a computer key

Training: An Important Part of Customer Success

Product specialists at Camis are preparing for their 2022; a virtual and in-person experience that starts early spring and concludes before the first long weekend of the summer. There are 5 key ideas that contribute to training success...

Image of Banff National Park Entrance Sign

Parks Canada Contract Extension Awarded

Camis Inc. has been awarded a contract extension from Parks Canada for the provision of the Parks Canada Reservation System (PCRS), presently used for reservations and management at 38 national parks, historic sites, and national marine conservation

Camis call, center agent

6 Tips for an Efficient and Effective Call Center

Some of our clients choose to provide their own call center services, others have contracted Camis to provide this service. One thing is for sure; in-bound call centers remain an important part of a customer focused reservation and service experience

Dirt computer fan being cleaned

Heat Proofing Your Hardware

Are your computers slowing down when it gets hot outside? Conditions such as heat, cold, dust and humidity affect computer performance and can cause extreme variabilities and may even cause the computer to shut down all together.

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Progressive Release Ladder for a Better Product

Sustainable development of software functionality is an important part of the vendor relationship many clients sign on the dotted line for. The vendor relationship does not end when the contractual requirements are met, it is only just beginning.