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Training: An Important Part of Customer Success

Product specialists at Camis are preparing for their 2022; a virtual and in-person experience that starts early spring and concludes before the first long weekend of the summer. There are 5 key ideas that contribute to training success...

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Heat Proofing Your Hardware

Are your computers slowing down when it gets hot outside? Conditions such as heat, cold, dust and humidity affect computer performance and can cause extreme variabilities and may even cause the computer to shut down all together.

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Progressive Release Ladder for a Better Product

Sustainable development of software functionality is an important part of the vendor relationship many clients sign on the dotted line for. The vendor relationship does not end when the contractual requirements are met, it is only just beginning.

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Spring Training

Over the past few months, Camis has partnered with over 450 government-operated locations to deliver comprehensive product training to their employees.

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Hitting the Road

Park management and Harbor masters wear many hats and when things get technical, and require a specialized skill set, projects such as computer hardware and software set-up and networks, as well as internet connectivity are often outsourced.

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Innovation Needs Diversity

Diversity is not exclusive to ethnicity, cultural background, or skin color; it is that and much more. It encompasses the characteristics which make each person unique and firmly establishes that inclusion be prioritized for all.