Camis' unique and competitive employee benefits


We understand that attracting top talent and ensuring our team’s happiness and productivity is vital. That’s why we’re proud to offer a comprehensive benefits package that sets us apart. We want every member of the Camis team, present and future, to thrive, and we’re excited to provide unique benefits that truly make a difference.

Camping Benefit

Camis loves getting people outdoors - and that includes our team! Camis encourages all employees to explore the outdoors, discover our clients' campgrounds and facilities, and enjoy new experiences through the Camping Benefit. Camis offers the unique taxable benefit of covering up to $400 per calendar year of camping costs when visiting our clients' park locations. All staff who have been employed at Camis are eligible for this benefit. Eligible costs include overnight stays, roofed accommodations, additional vehicle permits, boat passes, and season passes.  Camis offers a Camping Kit Loaner program for employees interested in camping but facing equipment or camping-expertise barriers. The Camping Kit seeks to reduce any cost barriers for staff, promote camping as a new hobby for staff who may not have had the opportunity to try it in the past and provide equitable access for all team members to take advantage of this benefit and explore our clients' campgrounds.  The Camping Kit includes a tent, lounge chairs, sleeping pads, a cooler, tarps, a propane cooking stove, and other essential items that help ease the transition into the wilderness. Once a camping trip is complete, employees submit their taxable benefit request form, return the Camping Kit to our operations team if borrowed, and receive the payment back on their next pay period.

RRSP & 401(K) Matching

Camis supports a secure financial future for each of our team members. Camis offers an RRSP contribution and matching benefit to all permanent full-time employees. Camis will match $1 for every $1 an employee contributes to their Canada Life RRSP savings to a maximum of 4% of their gross earnings. This benefit occurs on a per-payroll basis for the duration of their employment at Camis once the employee has reached out to HR for their Canada Life details. Camis supports paving a stable path for long-term financial success and a secure retirement for our employees.

Camis also offers a 401(K) benefit to our US employees where we will match 1$ for every $1 that the employee contributes to their retirement savings to the maximum 3% of their gross earnings. For the next 2% of earnings, Camis will match 50 cents for every 1$ that an employee contributes to their retirement savings. Any US employee becomes eligible for this benefit after just one month of permanent work. This benefit works almost the same as our RRSP benefit, but we wanted to ensure our US employees receive the same support for their financial future through their 401(K). 

Active Living Benefit

Camis encourages an active lifestyle for all staff by offering $400 in active living costs per calendar year to all non-probationary, permanent staff who have worked over 1,000 hours in a 12-month time period. Camis is a diverse team that respects all types of fitness and activities. Eligible fitness-related purchases and expenses include (but are not limited to) the cost of an ongoing gym or studio membership, instructional fitness courses, recreational sports leagues, personal training sessions, and expenses related to fitness equipment that can be used independently in an at-home setting. Camis aims to help our employees live an active lifestyle and achieve fitness goals by offering the Active Living benefit.

Health Benefits

From dental checkups to prescription drugs to massage therapy, Camis offers a comprehensive group benefit plan for our employees. This benefit applies to all non-probationary permanent staff who work full-time hours over a 12-month time period. We have partnered with third-party providers to equip salaried staff with appropriate health, dental, disability, and life insurance benefits. Camis pays for large parts of these healthcare benefits, as you can see listed below:

  • 100% of the premiums for Group Health, Dental, and EAP benefits are provided to the employee
  • 100% of the premiums for group benefits for dependents of Canadian employees
  • 50% of the premiums for group benefits for dependents of US employees. Employees will see a payroll deduction to add a dependent
  • 100% of the premiums for life insurance benefits

Once an employee returns their group benefit application form to our HR team, they will be set up with these helpful group benefits. Our HR team will also facilitate annual enrollment each year to ensure employee benefit coverage remains up-to-date and current over time. This is an essential benefit for a workplace that Camis recognizes to help our employees stay healthy, safe, and secure. 

At Camis, we firmly believe that our employees are at the heart of our success. That’s why we see company benefit packages as more than just perks; they’re essential to our thriving business. We invest in our incredible team’s well-being through unique benefits packages, helping us reach new heights year after year. Our pride in our employees knows no bounds, and we’re committed to offering these benefits to every member of the Camis team.