Camis leadership is dedicated to providing professional development opportunities to our staff and supporting employees to advance in their careers at Camis. Camis strives to encourage continuous, lifelong learning while creating a flourishing environment to grow.

Camis has many stories of growth and development; our current Director of Product Management and Vice President of Business Development both began their careers on the Help Desk Team at Camis. The current Lead of Human Resources began their career journey as a call centre representative and worked hard throughout various roles to advance their career to where it is today.

As part of our Promotions and Internal Applications Policy, Camis encourages hiring managers to consider existing employees as potential candidates for job openings. We encourage our staff to pursue roles they are interested in and provide them with the necessary support to apply for those positions. We are fortunate to have a large pool of candidates from our seasonal staff in our call centre and help desk teams. 

Camis provides the necessary resources, learning opportunities, and support to help talented team members grow. Camis offers to cover or subsidize certain professional development expenses for non-probationary, permanent employees who are looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of their performance. Professional development opportunities are classified as job-related, career-related, or continuing education opportunities based on the judgment of the reporting manager. Examples include:

  • workshop fees
  • seminar attendance fees 
  • course registration and tuition fees
  • conference fees
  • exam fees for professional certifications

​​​​These benefits help our employees to further themselves and provide amazing opportunities for career advancement within the company. Camis is happy to empower and support our employees who strive to better themselves and Camis.