At Camis, we see training as a company wide and client wide responsibility to ensure every person has the tools and resources to meet the demands of peak season. At this time of the year, the product specialists at Camis are preparing for their 2022 training season; a virtual and in-person experience that starts early spring and concludes before the first long weekend of the summer. Our team of experts will support the learning of over 1200 Camis reservation and management system users at 40 plus training events: equipping new users and providing refreshers and training on new features for the experienced user.

There are 5 key ideas that we feel are important when facilitating training for our clients: (1) each training experience is unique to meet our client’s needs, (2) learning is personal, (3) learning is ongoing, (4) learning resources must be easily available, and (5) learning programs should set everyone up for success.

1)      Training is Unique to Meet our Client’s Needs       

The parks reservation and management solutions provided by Camis are highly configurable; they are designed to meet the requirements of the individual client and, will be set up differently depending on the needs of the user as well. For example: some clients need different training for employees who staff the gatehouse or retail operations from the training we provide to managers who are monitoring anticipated arrivals and departures, and head office who are interested in reports and financial deposits.

2)      Learning is Personal

How we learn as human beings is determined by perception (the way we take in information), and processing (the way we deal with information). Addressing these 2 learning activities are an important ingredient in a well-designed training program. Perception is a sensory experience and requires that the method of instruction creates a learning experience that is visually and audibly engaging. Through in-person and live online training sessions, key information is delivered verbally through our instructor’s while visually engaging learning material is presented through videos and slide show presentations. Trainees will use software in a simulated environment to solidify what they have learned through out the training experience and each new piece of knowledge is built upon to ensure a cohesive and thorough knowledge base is developed.

3)      Learning is Ongoing

The Camis reservation, booking, management and retail solutions are under a constant state of enhancement; improved and new features are frequently released and as a result training of the new features is ongoing. Through release notes, product information sheets, our product roadmap, newsletters, and account managers our clients are kept informed of the most recent features available. When of interest, demonstrations can be arranged and when adopted; manuals and other customized training tools are updated to include the new functionality features, ensuring active and passive training resources are always available. Should it be of need, short training sessions can be arranged to ensure the need for ongoing learning is achieved.

4)      Learning Resources Must be Easily Available

Depending on the agreement we have with our clients, customized training manuals, videos and other resources are developed and made available through secure online platforms. Having the online training resource repositories makes it possible for some facilities to conduct their own training and can satisfy knowledge gaps that occur through lack of use of a feature or change in requirements as staff transition to knew roles and responsibilities.

5)      Learning Programs Should Set Everyone up for Success

Setting everyone up for success includes our clients, the front-end user such as our clients’ guests, and the Camis team. Successful training for our clients results in reduced error and increased efficiency for their operations and an intuitive system supports an enjoyable user experience for visitors. For Camis, when our clients know their systems well, teams such as Client care, product specialists and help desk are more available to satisfy other needs.

As our product specialists ready for the 2022 training season, know that every resource is available to our clients to ensure that systems are configured for each unique need. New features will continue to be release and supported and that training and support are ongoing and delivered in various methods to ensure everyone’s success.